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Problem configuring Fail Safe [message #360312] Thu, 20 November 2008 06:40
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Hi everybody,

this is my situation. I'm trying to install and configure a Oracle cluster, using Fail Safe.

The steps I gave are the following:

- Install and configure Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition in both of the machines.

- Install and configure MSCS in both of them (creating and configuring a cluster). This issue works fine.

- Each node has, of course, a local disk (C:), and there is a virtual unit (R:) reserved for the database.

- When node 1 (active) is up, unit R is available; node 2 (passive) cannot access unit R.

- If node 1 falls, unit 2 can see unit R. Moreover, cause of cluster configuration, each node has an IP(x.x.x.11 and x.x.x.12), and there is an IP for the cluster (x.x.x.13).

- As documentation explains, I've installed Oracle software in node 1 (in C unit) and the database (in R unit). In node 2 I've installed only software (in unit C).

- The following task was to install Fail Safe in both of the machines.

- After that I executed the Fail Safe Manager, to configure Oracle cluster.

- When node 1 is running, everything works perfectly, database can be accessed, using node 1 IP (11) as well as cluster IP (13).

- The problem appears when node 1 is turned off. Node 2 doesn't work.

I know, at last, one of the problems: I didn't specify in node 2 the database is in unit R. Could be the solution to my problems to configure node 2 specifying where is the database (unit R)?

Checking services in each node, node 1 has every service usually appears in an usual Oracle installation, but no one of them appears in node 2, but a service related to MSCS.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance

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