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Convert Single Instance to RAC [message #625932] Thu, 16 October 2014 06:03 Go to next message
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I'm trying to convert a single instance DB to a RAC DB


the oracle owner is oracle3 in my case

my ORACLE_HOME is /u01/app/oracle3/product/

from http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/install.112/e24660/cvrt2rac.htm#RILIN1159

I follow the following


Converting Oracle Database 11g Installations to Oracle RAC Using DBCA
Back Up the Original Single-Instance Database
Complete Oracle Clusterware Installation
Validate the Cluster
Copy the Preconfigured Database Image
Install Oracle Database 11g Software with Oracle RAC

next I created /u01/app/oracle3/product/ from /u01/app/oracle3/product/

the contents of orclee.xml is as follow

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<n:RConfig xmlns:n="http://www.oracle.com/rconfig"
           xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.oracle.com/rconfig rconfig.xsd">
<!-- Verify does a precheck to ensure all pre-requisites are met, before the conversion is attempted. Allowable values are: YES|NO|ONLY -->
	<n:Convert verify="ONLY">
<!--Specify current OracleHome of non-rac database for SourceDBHome -->
<!--Specify OracleHome where the rac database should be configured. It can be same as SourceDBHome -->
<!--Specify SID of non-rac database and credential. User with sysdba role is required to perform conversion -->
              <n:SourceDBInfo SID="ORCLEE">
<!--Specify the list of nodes that should have rac instances running for the Admin Managed Cluster Database. LocalNode should be the first node in this nodelist. -->
	        <n:Node name="orac01"/>
	        <n:Node name="orac02"/>
<!--Specify RacOneNode along with servicename to convert database to RACOne Node -->
              <!--n:RacOneNode  servicename="salesrac1service"/-->
<!--Instance Prefix tag is optional starting with 11.2. If left empty, it is derived from db_unique_name.-->
<!-- Listener details are no longer needed starting 11.2. Database is registered with default listener and SCAN listener running from Oracle Grid Infrastructure home. -->
<!--Specify the type of storage to be used by rac database. Allowable values are CFS|ASM. The non-rac database should have same storage type. ASM credentials are no needed for conversion. -->
	      <n:SharedStorage type="ASM">
<!--Specify Database Area Location to be configured for rac database.If this field is left empty, current storage will be used for rac database. For CFS, this field will have directory path. -->
<!--Specify Fast Recovery Area to be configured for rac database. If this field is left empty, current recovery area of non-rac database will be configured for rac database. If current database is not using recovery Area, the resulting rac database will not have a recovery area. -->

when I run rconfig i encounter the following error:

oracle3@ORAC01:/u01/app/oracle3/product/> ./rconfig orclee.xml
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
        <Result code="1" >
          Got Exception
             oracle.sysman.assistants.rconfig.parser.ParserException:File Not Found

What should I do to avoid the above error?

It seems that there's something wrong with my procedures but I could not figure out what is wrong.
Really appreciate any help rendered.

thanks a lot in advance!
Re: Convert Single Instance to RAC [message #625936 is a reply to message #625932] Thu, 16 October 2014 06:10 Go to previous messageGo to next message
John Watson
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I have never converted a DB to RAC using DBCA. I do not know why anyone would, it is a rather absurd process. Here's a recording of one technique,
It is 12.1. As you are back on 11.2, you can't use the online datafile move pommand. But I'm sure you can work out the 11.2 equivalent.
Re: Convert Single Instance to RAC [message #626224 is a reply to message #625936] Wed, 22 October 2014 22:32 Go to previous message
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Rconfig is perfect tool for convert standalone to RAC.

Have you run the cluster verification tool ? before run the rconfig ? if yes please share the result.

cluvfy stage -pre crsinst -n all -verbose

I hope you set right Oracle home before run the command.
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